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Welcome to my Web Site

 Below you will find original articles prepared at All Creatures Veterinary Hospital on pet health and related topics. On this site, you will also find a comprehensive group of links for each pet species. These have been previewed and only included if the material is accurate and worthwhile at the time I viewed the it. You can also find links here to many general reference, utility, and search engine sites. Read on and enjoy the articles.

What's New: 

Cat and Dog Health and Disease Information

  • A comprehensive list of links providing information on most common diseases and disorders of pet dogs and cats.
  • Detailed client education information on most common disease of cats and dogs
  • Updated February 2008

Zoonotic Diseases 

  • A listing of diseases which may be transmitted to humans from pets and other animals.

Predisposition of Dog Breeds to Disease and/or Congenital Conditions

  • Comprehensive listing for most breeds now completed!



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